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About Us

  • We are a company operating in water, bringing sustainable solutions where water scarcity and increasing demand leave a need for a renewable water source.

-> Our technology condenses water vapor from the air and turns it into liquid water similarly as clouds do –this is called cooling condensation.
-> Cooling condensation is dependent on humidity and temperature, two factors that fluctuate seasonally producing different amounts of water per season.
-> We deliver sustainable and reliable water solutions in all climatic conditions with no downside of seasonal production limitations. 
Our water solution is 100% carbon-free and waste-free.


Our Water-as-a-Service Solution

How does it work?

It means selling water subscriptions, not Airwater Generators.

We deliver an Airwater Generator to client premises, install the unit and make sure it starts correctly.

Stay upto Date

Monitor water production in Cloud since the applications shows: water quality, quantity, clean water level, storage levels

Know your cost

All system generated billing data is available in the cloud, so you will never get unforeseen costs.​

No water Rations

No more water cut offs since the system uses 24/7 monitoring and maintenance service, same day service

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