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Air water solution

About us:

We are a company operating in water, bringing sustainable solutions where water scarcity and increasing demand leave a need for a renewable water source.
Our solution is Water from the Air.
We can deliver a sustainable and reliable water solution in all countries and climatic conditions with no downside of seasonal production limitations.
We offer a full Water-as-a-Service solution, selling water per liter including cloud remote management.
Our water solution is 100% carbon-free and waste-free.

Our Vision

To enable sustainable atmospheric water, “airwater”, for consumers, municipalities, and industries, without depleting groundwater or surface water.

SDG #6: Clean water & sanitation

Our technology and Water-as-a-Service (WaaS) solution offers a zero-water-footprint and zero-carbon-foot print solution.

Our water solution is 100% carbon-free and waste-free

We deliver sustainable & reliable water solution in all counties without the downside of seasonal production limitations.

The Technology:

⊛ Out technology is Water from the Air

  • There is water vapor in the air all around us.

Airwater technology condenses water vapour from the air and turns it into liquid water similarly as clouds do –this is called cooling condensation.

Cooling condensation is dependent on humidity and temperature, two factors that fluctuate seasonally producing different amounts of water per season.

⊛ Our technology can bypass seasonal changes and produce water where no other technology can! 


  • Robert Keya

    Before purchasing the water generator unit, I was worried about the quality of the water that my family and I were drinking. However, your product has provided a reliable source of clean, fresh and great-tasting water that we can trust.

  • Mercy Njeri


    I appreciate the level of customer service and support that your company has provided throughout the entire process, from helping me choose the right unit to answering my questions and concerns after the purchase.

  • Emmanuel Juma

    I wanted to take a moment to express my gratitude and satisfaction with the water generator unit that I recently purchased from your company. I have been using it for several weeks now and I am extremely pleased with its performance.

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